Management Welcomes You to The Underground. 

It is here that your journey as a Bounty Hunter truly begins.

You’ve found the first clues, entered The Cantina and now have multiple paths ahead of you.

Do you seek a Hub?

Do you seek Free-To-Play?

Is it knowledge you desire?

Or perhaps you are one of the bold who demand glory?!

The Underground is all of these things. But first you must understand the how-to’s and of course… The rules.


The Cantina is a real-time, cross-community, player-activated discord meta-game.

Good luck saying that 3x fast.

Themed as a mashup between Star Wars X John Wick.

Bounty Hunters are our clientele.

Management will require that you be of service.


Starting from the top.

You have the rules and announcements sections.

Start Here section

  • SELECT YOUR ROLE - Choose what kind of pings you want
  • Begin exploring our gallery, system guides and official tweets

General Chat

  • The Cantina - Our open communication channel. Your central Hub for knowledge, whispers around the NFTverse and your favorite space for all the NFT degen activities you’ve come to expect. Management is one of you after all and when you are excited about a project or drop, we will be right there with you.
  • Domains - Each of our 'Special Skills' members are extensions of Management and have authority over their respective domains. It is here that you will begin to understand how deep The Underground goes.


Overseen by: Panduh#1729 @Executive Chef.

Ping for a dinner reservation.

A Domain overseen by our Executive Chef. Where food lovers from all across the world can share recipes, culinary arts and discuss their food passions.

Preparing Next Meal


Overseen by: WildΞTama#4269 @The Wire.

Connecting streamers, gamers and degens across the NFTverse.

A Domain overseen by The Wire. Where gamers can stream, watch something together and compete in challenges to the death. Laughs and drinks are required.

Must be Level 2

Jesters Joint

Overseen by @stollenbread & @phunk, the Bash Brothers of Meme.

Memers gonna meme!

Your central source for all the meme fun, contests and events.

The Jesters Joint keeps the memery going by:

  • Monthly contests (which can be solo/duo or even team based)
  • Meme raids on other servers
  • Random events which will be inspired by the community.


Free-to-Play - Stick to The Cantina. Grab a drink and enjoy the chatter. We welcome all conversations around any topics. The Cantina is meant to be a hub and free space for collectors and creators to discuss all things Web3.

Chips - Utilize the rare and unique capabilities of these Keys. What doors they unlock will show you a new definition for what NFTs should be.

The Underground - STOP HERE.

What lies further is only for those who wish to invest time, seek glory and are the truest of degen.