Rules of Engagement

Rule 1

The purpose of #PhysicalUtilityBounties is to spread random acts of kindness and good energy to the world. This is a prime way to show the power of the NFT community and what we may accomplish together.

Rule 2

No Bounty Hunter may claim their own bounty. Should alternative ways of capitalizing be identified by the system, consequences will be dire.

Rule 3

Payment: The cost to submit a Hunter Bounty is 1 Tenki Chip.

Rule 4

The Process: A Bounty Hunter may enter The Cantina and submit a ticket to "Submit a Bounty".

You must provide the following:
1- Tenki Payment

2- The Target

3- The Goal

4- The Reward

The system will review your request. Once your Bounty has been processed you will be pinged to send your Bounty reward. Management shall hold until payment is released.

If your Bounty is denied, no refunds shall occur. This is to deter those with nefarious intentions.